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Welcome to Renoir Class

Year 5 class photo v2

Design and Technolgy

Year 5 have worked hard to complete their design and technology projects. They used moving mechanisms (cams and followers) to make an endangered animal move. Their design brief included raising awareness about endangered creatures. They showed huge resilience, the ability to solve problems and be reflective thinkers

Mell farm visit

We enjoyed a fabulous, sunny afternoon a Mell farm. We learnt about the animals and what they eat. We then ventured down to the tower to learn about animals teeth and skulls. After having a drink and biscuit we made craft sheep with real sheep’s wool. We had a great time and learnt a lot.


Janaury 2024 - Globel food Design and Technology

We have been cooking. We prepared and made guacamole, salsa, and quesadillas which originate from Mexico. Various skills were used grating, chopping, cutting, and frying. It was all delicious. We have also prepared and cooked rice and noodles. We used soy sauce and lime to flavour them.


January 2024 - PE

In PE we have been working on a variation of tucks, jumps, rolls and flexible manoeuvres to add into our final routines which we performed effectively in class. 

October 2023 - Helping Hands

This term in DT (Design and Technology) we’re making phone cases out of felt and to do so we need to sew but some of us don’t know how to. We recruited the help of our parents. We got a bit of felt, shaped like a bookmark. We watched videos about how to do running stitch, blanket stitch, back stitch and whip stitch.

After that we set to work sewing around our bookmarks. Some of us designed patterns or names in the centre too. Here are some examples of what we made. We enjoyed it and hope the parents did too.

Poppy and Maisie.  

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