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Year 4

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18th January 2023

In Science, we have started a new unit all about Sound. We carried out a fun investigation where we travelled around the school, and used our ears to really think about what we could hear. We visited the school entrance, the hall and a PE lesson, EYFS classroom and the new library. It has already changed how we listen, and we were excited to go home and try this experiment with our grown-ups.

13th January 2023

On Friday 13th January, we were lucky to have a drumming workshop as part of a whole school music experience. We listened and copied different beats on African Drums and learnt how to play them as a group. We were also able to perform solos if we wanted to at the end of the session. It was noisy but brilliant!

19th Novemember 2022

On a, thankfully, dry Friday, we visited Layer Marney Tower to travel back in time to Ancient Greece. We explored daily life, leant what happened when people were poorly and needed to see a doctor and found out all about Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses. We made information wheels, created body parts from clay and ground corn to make flour (so we could make a hobnob biscuit). Luckily, we also got the chance to roll down the hills at the Tower, which was amazing and caused lots of laughter. We had a fantastic day!

16th November 2022

Today we had a visit by the author Emma McNally.

Author visit

4th November 2022

Year 4 were delighted to welcome grown ups into our classroom for Helping Hands (or Clay Chaos as the children called it). We had been given a mission by Mrs. Crees to design and make a clay pot similar to those we had studied from Ancient Greece. A super morning was had by both children and adults and the end results were fantastic!

Friday 14th October 2022

During our English lessons, we’ve been writing about Theseus and the Minotaur. To link this to our Maths work, we created a maze game with wool, envelopes and clues and worked in teams to see how many points we could get and whether we could defeat the vicious Minotaur. We learnt a lot about teamwork as we had to make sure that nobody was left in the labyrinth. As you can see from the photos, we had so much fun and hope to play the game again!

Friday 7th October 2022

In R.E. this term we are exploring the ‘big question’ of Where Do Christian’s Religious Beliefs Come From?  We were lucky enough to spend some time with Reverend Sarah from St. Mary’s Church in Tollesbury. We had all prepared lots (and lots) of questions to ask her and she kindly answered them all! We look forward to welcoming her back to Year 4 soon.


Monday 3rd October

In Science, this term, we are studying Electricity. We had a fantastic afternoon learning about simple electrical circuits, creating our own and carrying out a range of different experiments. There was great joy in the classroom when we managed to complete our circuit and make both the lightbulb and the motor work at the same time!

Thursday 20th September

Year 4 were lucky enough to have our first music lesson with a flute tutor. We are going to be learning how to play ‘toots’ and, if all goes really well (we think it will), we will invite parents to a mini concert after Christmas. We thoroughly enjoyed our first lesson and had lots of fun. Next week, we start to learn how to play a toot!

Thursday 15th September

This term, Year 4K are exploring Ancient Greece. We have researched Ancient Greek architecture and then designed and created some multi-layered artwork. All our work will be displayed in the classroom, and we are proud of our creations.

During our English lessons, we are focusing on recounts in the form of diary entries. We have studied the Legend of the Trojan Horse and had enormous fun using acting to learn the story in detail. We then wrote diary entries as Trojans (unfortunately, we lost the battle)!

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