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Welcome to Van Gogh Class - Year 3

Class Teacher:  Mrs Renwick

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Lynn

24th June 2022

On Friday 24th June year 3 went to Colchester Castle.

We have the more wonderous day! Having left school at 9 o'clock in the morning we arrived safely to the magnificent castle. We were all so excited to start out Day.

While we were waiting for the castle to open, we sat outside by the ruins to take a picture. After some time, it was 10 o'clock an we were ready to go in. In a flash we all rushed inside to look down the 50foot well. 

Suddenly our guide walked over and led us to a corner of Colchester Castle. Then, he explained the rules and what we were going to do. After that we went off in our groups to explore. Next, Wayne our guide took us down in the vaults under the castle. exciting, he showed us all the Roman armour and a shield. He then took us round many other rooms, and showed us many different Roman tools. After making it back up the stairs, we looked around a bit more and then trailed on some helmets. 

Eventually, we walked back down to the ruins to eat lunch. After lunch we all went upstairs to complete a puzzle and find a strange figure.

Finally, Wayne explained lots of facts before we left. After we left the castle and said goodbye. We walked back to the coach and drove back to Tollesbury School right on time.


4th February 2022

On Friday we went on  our school trip to the Museum of Power. We saw a water pump that pumped fresh water from the river Blackwater to Southend.

We were looking at magnetic forces and what was magnetic or not. We had lots of things to test on a table using magnets such as keys, paperclips and a can.

We looked at centrifugal force. We used a cup with a string tied on it and put pennies in it. We spun it round fast and they didn't fall out! Then we tried the same experiment with water , luckily the water stayed put! I found it fun and interesting. 

We also went to the model village, we were asked to find people who lived there. I enjoyed it very much. 

After lunch we learnt about frequencies and hearing . We listened to frequencies so high that you couldn't hear at all!

Finally we examined  model of a ear and learnt about how we hear.

I Loved visiting the museum and learnt so much. It was an amazing day.


Eva G

1st February 2022

We went on a fossil hunt in the nature garden. 

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