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Welcome to Renoir Class - Year 5

Class Teacher: Miss Marsh

Teaching Assistant:  Mrs Green 

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4th May 2022

Our class visit to Sutton Hoo

4th March 2022

Year 5 class built treehouses made for Lego figures (it was really fun).

First Mrs  Masters told us how all of the tools worked. Then we went into the hall and sat at a table of two (we chose where we sat and who we sat next to).

After that ,Mrs Masters let all our parents in (my mum came to help because it was helping hands).

I was pleased with the decoration on the inside because I didn’t think that I would have enough time. I'm also happy with the ladder; I didn’t think it would turn out as well as it did.

However, not everything went exactly to plan, the leaves looked a bit off because I couldn’t find any green tissue paper so I used green paint on peach tissue paper.

Most people changed stuff on their plan and so did I. I changed the pulley because I realised that my treehouse was too low to the ground so in the end we decided to just not have a pulley.

I loved making the treehouse and I’d love to do it again!

Grace B

Year 5 made treehouses with our parents, using our junk modelling skills (using materials that we gathered). We created treehouses that we would use to survive on a desert island. We had 3 hours with parents and 3 hours without them. Among the tools I used, I used a hacksaw and a Stanley knife for the first time. The hacksaw was hard on balsa wood, so I used a Stanley knife(which was much better).

By the end of the day, I was amazed with things about my treehouse. One of them was the accessories, which were designed beautifully and with care. Also I changed the plan to make it look better. The design is beautiful. The slide even looks realistic. The support was excellent, double-sided tape and polystyrene is perfect. 

Also, I changed my pulley due to hole punching not working on plastic cups. I used cardboard instead and made it beautiful. However, not everything went exactly as planned.

The things I found difficult were that the ladder needed to be secure, for painting I ran out of time and the sofa didn’t stick together properly.

The hardest thing about making my treehouse was that I spilled a cup of water(which we were using to paint) accidentally (which lead to more catastrophes).

Luckily, I overcome my difficulty since Mrs Vigar saved the day. 

I think other people like my treehouse because of the design elements and accessories.

Overall, I’m pleased with my treehouse. Next time, I will be more careful.

By Oliver G

26th January 2022

On Wednesday, we had a very interesting topic. It started with us all finding out what friction is. We learnt that friction is the force which slows down two surfaces sliding across each other.

Next we took a walk around the school and the nature garden (also the playground) and we tried moving around our feet to see which floor has the least/ most friction. When we had come back in we wrote in our books which floor we thought had the least and most friction. After that we all sat down on the floor and Mrs Masters explained the lesson, she explained that we were going to be adopting a pet brick. Mrs Master told us we were going to be using different materials to see how many newton's it would take to pull the brick along. We all got put into groups of four. We collected our materials and pulled a brick along with a newton meter and saw how many newton's it was going to take to move it along the material. We drew out a grid and showed how many newton's it took. Coming to conclusion we all wrote out sentences to show how it ended up. My team found out that the cloth was the material that the newtons were the highest so, there was more friction. On a scale from 1-10 I think we could all agree the fun was a level 10.

Isla R Year 5

Trashy Terrorism

Since the 2nd of November 2021, we, year 5, have been learning about plastic pollution and the damages it causes to our oceans. After seeing pictures and videos, we were convinced to go for a local clean up at our park, the Rec.

At the Rec.

We had taken many bags to collect rubbish from campaigners named Surfers against Sewage (who help clean up beaches from plastic) For hygienic reasons we also took littler pickers to pick up rubbish. When we set off we collected any trash we found on the way to the Rec, we had already found so much that we started to dread what was to come. As we were there we climbed into the ditches which held so much litter it was unbelievable! Eventually we walked away with seven sacks full of rubbish, that before was very dangerous to wildlife. Littering needs to stop now! We wanted to tell many people this so we started to write speeches.

The Speeches.

We had kept the pollution work secret for long enough and decided to tell the school what we had done, and what we wanted them to do. The speeches were only recently delivered and went really well. Classes, teachers, the head teacher and governors of this school are now trying to convert Tollesbury into a plastic free village.

Now, we hope to tell parliament members how terrible plastic can be and turn our world in to a better place. We hope you will join our campaign and help save our seas.


William R Year 5


11th October

As a class we took part in a Life Support roadshow where we learnt about 1st aid. 

22nd September

We worked hard as a team to create displays which explained how we get day and night, a year and the seasons.

21st September

We have been learning how to research the Solar system and create PowerPoint presentations

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