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Welcome to Banksy Class - Year 6

Class Teachers:  Mrs Hughes and Mrs Page

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Lee


16th June 2022

The whole of Year 6 travelled to Duxford with a early start but what an amazing time

23rd February 2022

Biomes in a bag!

In year 6 Banksy for our topic work, we have been exploring different biomes and the ecosystems that exist within them. Often biologists group the different natural areas on Earth into categories based on plant and animal life and how they are able to survive in that part of the world. These are called biomes.

Within class, we have investigated and created our very own ‘biome in a bag.’ Each table worked together to accomplish their own biomes which aimed to show the role of the water cycle.

A couple of days later, we noticed that there was condensation in each bag. As the water collected it became too heavy to stay at the top of the bag so it fell down (like rain) back in the flower pot, this process is called precipitation. That stage is then followed by evaporation. The water in the soil is absorbed by the roots of the plant where it is warmer. It gets so warm, it turns into water vapour and evaporates, rising to the top of the freezer bag.

A week after, we now have a number of shoots that have grown! This is due to the ‘biome’ having its own functioning water cycle, despite the fact we only watered them once before sealing the bag!

We are running a competition on the green shoots we can see and so far the results are as follows:

Blue: 4 medium sized shoots

Green: 4 small sized shoots

Red: 12 small sized shoots

Purple: 5 high sized shoots.

By Arabella and Grace


20th January 2022

We're doing a Greta Thunberg inspired persuasive writing unit in English and the children made placards today using the persuasive language they have been learning


30th September 2021

The whole of Year 6 travelled to the Tower of London.

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