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Stone age day

During the Stone Age day, we all travelled back to prehistoric Britain to learn more about how people lived during the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic periods. Firstly, we used a range of resources to develop our knowledge. Then, using that knowledge, we created a model village of each period that replicated everyday lives, houses that they lived in, food they ate, hunting habits, and tools and weapons that they used to survive. This helped us to recognise the part that archaeologists have had in helping us understand more about what happened in the past.  We created some artefacts and cave art from the period.


Science and DT


In science and DT, we have been learning about electricity and how that has changed our lives over time. To begin with, we explored the different components of a circuit. Then, we experimented with a range of series and parallel circuits. We applied our skills to design and make our bedside lamps. It was extremely challenging to choose the appropriate materials so that our product was safe to use.  To achieve this, we tested a range of materials to see if they were conductors or insulators. Then, we gathered all the materials that we needed to make our design.  Thanks to our adults who came to our helping hands session and supported us in achieving our designs.  Finally, we evaluated our product to share our opinions about what do we like about our products and what we would like to improve further.  It was a jam-packed learning journey, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

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