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Welcome to EYFS - Picasso Class

22 March 2023

We have been working really hard making houses for boys and girls and for the wriggly worms we found.

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15 March 2023 Mell Farm

We had a lovely day at the farm today. The children were very well behaved and listened to Sarah talk about the animals. We got to go into the tower and have a hot chocolate and biscuit. We also made a bird kite.

Mell farm

2nd December 2022

This afternoon the year 6 children came to help us with sewing our puppets. We had a lovely time and we all managed to sew and decorate our puppets.

16th November 2022

Today we had a visit by the author Emma McNally.
She read us a some of her stories The Sock Monster Ate My Favourite Sock, The Cloudosaurus Rex and The Snow Creature. We sat beautifully and listened to the stories . We joined in with some actions to Cloudosaurus which was fun.

Author visit

7th November 2022

The children wanted to make a home for the owl babies to live in. They used the pipes for tunnels for the owls to come out of. They wanted to make it safe from the foxes.

Our 1st week in EYFS

We have had a very good 1st week as you can see. 

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