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12th May 2023

Year 6 have worked so hard this week completing their SATS and should be very proud of themselves. 

We all had a fun afternoon bowling at Madison Heights as a a very well-deserved treat. The scores were through the roof. Thank you, Year 6, for working with such effort and resilience both this week and throughout the year.

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14th March 2023

We had a fabulous morning at Mell Farm.

2nd March 2023 World Book Day

We started off World book Day with an assembly to show off our characters. We then created a human library to recommend and share out favourite recent books. Exploring the new library was interesting followed by time to read and relax. In the afternoon we enjoyed paired reading with early years. Fun was then had playing Two truths and a line about our best reads. We've had a book-tastic day and certainly have some new authors to look out for and enjoy.

January 2023

We were very lucky to take part in a drumming workshop. As you can tell it got a bit noisy. 

We have been very busy researching and writing all about Asia. We have been very busy researching and writing all about Asia, including all about the Taj Mahal, and Mahatma Gandhi. Even creating landscape art in pastels and pencil of Mount Everest, and models of a Chinese Dragon and Blosoom trees.

Our visit to the Tower of London 2022


Wednesday 5 October

Rev. Caswell joined us for our whole school assembly today

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